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Fyre Pro

We recently remodeled our kitchen, living room, and dining room. A big part of that project was remodeling a huge wood-burning fireplace which was covered in ’70s style green stone. This fireplace was probably really cool once, and to some people it probably still was, but it just didn’t fit our style.

We went into the project thinking we’d take off the stone and replace it with some nicer tile and framing. Once we removed the rock, however, our plans changed a bit.

What we discovered underneath the massive rock wall was neither safe nor code-friendly. Long story short–we required the work of a fireplace guru who could give us some ideas of our next steps. That’s when we called Jeff Reynolds at Fyre Pro.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t call Jeff first. In fact I had a list of fireplace companies in the Loveland/Fort Collins area, on which Fyre Pro was actually #3–completely arbitrarily. I called the first company and was informed I had to come into their showroom and pick out and purchase a fireplace insert before someone from their company would come to my house to see what they’d be working with. Um..no.  The 2nd company I called didn’t answer the phone, nor did they ever call me back. Incidentally, that’s a great way to ensure that I’ll never do business with you.

About 1/4 of the stone

So I called Fyre Pro with the little hope I had left. Jeff Reynolds answered my call and was very informative and eager to help me with my situation. He promptly scheduled a time to come see my project so he knew what we were working with. He was on time when he came to the house and knew exactly what to do.

Jeff gave us three or four different options for the fireplace. After kicking around the ideas we decided it would be best for us to convert to a gas fireplace which we would use far more often, being that it is now in our dining room instead of a small den.

After working through all the details, Jeff’s team, along with Josh Dengler from Southpaw Masonry, installed the new masonry work, the new fire box and gas line, and all the ventilation that was required. Once my neighbor and I installed the new tile and mantle, we have an incredible new fireplace that has become the focal point of our new dining room.

If you’re considering remodeling or installing a new fireplace, I would highly recommend Jeff Reynolds at Fyre Pro. Tell him I sent you!

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